2 Things You Didn’t Know an Orange County Cleaning Company Could Do for You

Orange County Cleaning Company

When you’re swamped at work or busy with projects, house cleaning can fall by the wayside. If you’re behind on your house cleaning and need to find a local cleaning company, there are many options around you to help. However, it’s helpful to know that you can get much more than just cleaning services from nearby janitorial companies. You may be able to check a few more items off of your to-do list when you call your cleaning company. Here are a couple of things that you may not have known about the services local cleaning companies can offer:

Plumbing/Handyman Services 

You can often get your cleaning with a side of repairs in Orange County. Cleaning companies typically have connections with a handyman in Orange County California and can provide handyman services as well. A handyman can help you with some of those annoying fix-it tasks that you’ve been putting off for far too long. When you ignore a lot of these small projects, you lose peace of mind and can make yourself more stressed when you are at home because you see all of the small projects that are undone. A handyman from one of the nearby cleaning companies can provide solutions for many of those pesky undone projects. A handyman can also help you with plumbing repairs. With just one call, you can handle your plumbing and small repair projects along with getting your home fresh and clean. 


If you have been hoping to add a fresh coat of paint somewhere within your home, check with your cleaning company. Nearby cleaning companies can also offer services from Orange County painting contractors. Painting contractors can give parts of your home the facelifts they need after your cleaning professional handles the dirt and grime in your home. Painting can be yet another project that you put off for later, all the while feeling dissatisfied with your home while you wait to have enough time to paint. By having a professional from your nearby cleaning company come to your home to paint, you take action and move your home closer and closer to being the beautiful oasis that you envisioned when you moved in. So why settle for putting off home projects? When you can get them done by your cleaning company, go for it.

How to Prepare for Your Orange County Cleaning Services

It’s exciting to have a cleaning professional come to clean your home. When you know that you won’t have to focus on keeping up with your home’s cleaning projects, you can breathe much easier. While it’s an exciting experience to anticipate your cleaning professional coming to your home, it’s important to know that not all of the responsibility here rests on your cleaning professional. You have a few things to do, too. The things that you will need to do to prepare for your cleaning professional are tasks that will make sure that you get everything out of your cleaning that you are hoping to get. Here’s what you need to do before your cleaning pro shows up:

Handle Your Stuff 

While your cleaning professional from an Orange County cleaning company is coming to clean your home’s surfaces, furniture and fixtures, they are not here to organize your stuff. If you have your child’s toys strewn all over the floor, know that your floor may not get as thorough of a cleaning. If your tables and bookshelves are completely covered with knick knacks, your professional will not be able to get them cleaned as well. Try to clear the clutter before your cleaning.

Move Large Items (If You Want Cleaning to Happen Behind Them) 

Your cleaning professional will clean the surfaces available to them. So, if you want your professional from Orange County janitorial services to clean behind your dresser, you’ll need to move the dresser out of the way. Before your professional comes, take some time to consider which areas of your home are bothering you the most. These are the areas you’ll want to clear for your professional so that he or she can give the area a deep and thorough cleaning. 

Give Your Professional Room to Work 

Lastly, you’ll want to try and give your cleaning pro as much room to work as possible. Even if you and your family need to be at home while your cleaning professional is working, try to stay in another area of the house. If you have a yard available to you, it may be a good time to spend some time outside. Your cleaning professional can put in more focused, effective work if he or she has room and the opportunity to focus on giving your home the cleaning it needs.